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06/02/2013 - 22:27

This month there is amazing specials on our Lifestyle Slimming products.

The following is a good "starter pack" to get you started on the program -

1. Buy Strawberry Lifestyle Shake and Chocolate Lifestyle Shake ONLY R369, value R518
2. Buy the ActiSlim softgel capsules ONLY R169, value R229 + receive a Colon Cleanse tea FREE
3. Buy ActiLess softgel capsules ONLY R99, value R139

The value of this package of products, is R925 BUT you only pay R637. That's a total saving of R288!!!

Claudia - Annique Consultant
072 138 1387

Blog entry
05/02/2013 - 01:04

Hi there,

I hope that the year has started for you well. Please give me the opportunity to tell you about my new Annique Lifestyle Club I have started this year.

I myself had to first test the program and to my amazement I lost 1.6 kg in 2 weeks. My jeans are sitting much more comfortable, that little roll of fat that just loves to hang over my jeans are nearly something of the past, my body / system is feeling cleansed and my self esteem has received one MAJOR boost.

This program is NOT a diet. FORGET ABOUT DIET!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a lifestyle program! This program is -
1. a drug-free answer to weight loss and health
2. no fasting
3. safe and natural with long term results
4. simple and easy to follow
5. lifestyle and family compatible

I did not have to buy "special" foods. I did not have to cook TWO meals in an evening. I did not have to weight my food. I did not have to count calories. I cooked for my family like every other night. I ate to my needs. I ate to satisfy my hunger.

The only thing that I did different was to cut out some no-no foods and use the Annique product.

Make a decision and say to yourself - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! Join and take back control of your own health. You CAN!!!

Don't delay, call me today and together I will help you to reach your goal.

Claudia - Annique Consultant
072 138 1387

ps - please forward this message to friends and family you feel would be interested

19/01/2013 - 15:26

Dear Annique Client

Annique Home Office has some FABULOUS news!

They have decided to extend the Bon Appe-Tea special and make it available especially for you between Friday, 18 January to Thursday, 31 January 2013! They have also decided to extend the Inside Scoop special which will now run from Monday, 21 January to Thursday, 31 January 2013!

The Bon Appe-Tea special gives you the chance to buy the delicious Vanilla flavoured Rooibos Tea 50g and receive another one absolutely FREE!

The Inside Scoop special allows you to buy the Chocmint Lifestyle Shake 500g for only R199 and SAVE R60! This offer is valued at R259!

Best wishes,

Claudia Thorpe | Annique Consultant

Cell 072 138 1387
BBM 264016B3

09/01/2013 - 18:22

Dear Annique Client,

I have received numerous request from my clients to assist with the "uninvited" kilograms that has decided to move in over the festive season.

The best way to get those kilograms packing is to detox the body and start on a healthy eating plan. I have put together the following special just for you -

Buy the Annique Lifestyle Shake ChocMint or Vanilla or Cafe Latte for only R199 each. This is an amazing saving of R60. These prices is only valid from 9 - 15 January and while stocks last. So don't delay and order today!!! The shake is an excellent meal replacement that provides the body with all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and support. No starving!!!!

The other special running until the end of the month, is the Annique Lifestyle Shake Cafe Latte for R259 + the Forever Slim ActiCleanse soft gel capsules free. Safe R129. ActiCleanse assists natural detoxification. Naturally supports the liver and other organs in its detox function to kickstart the weightloss process.

The Annique Lifestyle Slimming Club will be up and running as from February 2013. I would just like to give everyone a change to settle in to the new year first. The first meeting will be held on 2 February at 14h00. Please let me know asap should you and / or your friends which to attend.

Please feel free to contact me for assistance. You may also forward this mail to all your friends.

Best wishes
Claudia Thorpe | Annique Consultant
Cell 072 138 1387
BBM 264016B3

Blog entry
09/10/2012 - 09:30

Click to view Annique Beaute booklet

For more information regarding our wonderful products or to place an order, please feel free to contact me.

Claudia Thorpe
Annique Consultant
072 138 1387

23/09/2012 - 05:20

Come on ladies. Don't miss out on our amazing September specials.

•Buy normal prices products to the value of R800 or more from Forever Young, Daily Facial Skin Care and Essense and receive a beautiful pink handbag FREE! value R299 IMPORTANT NOTICE - the handbags are sold out. You will receive a Bo-Serum instead
•Buy the Intense Repair Serum FOR ONLY R179 and get the Antioxidant Radiance Masque FREE!!! Save R129
•SHAKE YOUR BON-BON!!! Buy 2 Chocolate Shakes for only R388.50. Save R129.50
•Buy products from The Spa Range to the value of R100 or more (normal price) and qualify to pay ONLY R99 for the ZeroAche Upsize! Save R139
•Buy the Colon Cleanse + Detox Tea for ONLY R69!
•LOSE WEIGHT, FEEL GREAT!!! Buy Body Tone and get Body Clear FREE. Only R249
•Re-define your Body!!! Buy the Re-defining Firming Gel and get the Detox Silk Masque ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! Only R109, save R239

Last few days to place your order. Orders need to be in by 27 September 2012 to avoid month-end rush.

Feel free to share these specials with your friends.


Claudia Thorpe

Annique Consultant
072 138 1387

Avon September Special 2012
Avon September Special 2012
Avon September Special 2012
Avon September Special 2012
19/09/2012 - 12:09

Special valid from 15 - 30 September 2012 only.

To order, contact Claudia 072 138 1387.

Special - Re-define your Body
04/09/2012 - 22:35

Host an Annique Pamper Party!!

Experience an Annique facial in the comfort of your own home. All that is asked from you, is to invite 5 of your friends and be the hostess. I will do the rest and that is to pamper and treat you girls to the wonders of an Annique facial. For bookings call Annique consultant Claudia on 072 138 1387.

Annique Health and Beauty
16/08/2012 - 18:36

Celebrate Day & Night!

Saving on Annique day and night creme's
1. Buy Hydra3 Triple Moisture Action + Creme de Nuit - only R320.00 (value R468.00) SAVE R148.00
2. Buy the Moisturiser for Dry Skin + Creme de Nuit - only R320.00 (value R468.00) SAVE R148.00
3. Buy the Herbal Moisturiser + Nourishing Night Cream - only R215.00 (value R338.00) SAVE R123.00
4. Buy Skin Detox, Derma Block and get an Antioxidant Radiance Masque FREE!!! - only R348.00 (value R477.00) SAVE R129.00

Young Skin / Sensitive Skin
1. Buy the Moisture Shield SPF8 + Liquid Skin Nutrition - only R159.00 (value R238.00) SAVE R79.00
2. FaceFacts Calm Down Masque - only R79.00 SAVE R20.00
3. FaveFacts Smooth Over - only R79.00 SAVE R30.00

Pamper Range
1. Buy the ResQue Mist and get Rooibos Tea 200g FREE!!! - only R119.00 (value R159.00) SAVE R40.00
2. Hair Nutrition - only R99.00 (value R129.00) SAVE R30.00

Celebrate Flu Fighters!
1. Buy the Chocolate Mint Shake and get Green Rooibos Tea FREE!!! - only R259.00 (value 298.00) SAVE R39.00
2. Buy EnerVive and OptiC - only R249.00 (value R308.00) SAVE 59.00

Baby I'm Yours!
1. Buy the Baby Body Lotion + Baby Bath Time + Baby Shampoo - only R 200 (value R257.00) SAVE R57.00

Contact Annique Consultant Claudia for more specials and assistance on:
072 138 1387