Our mission is to create safer environments for all creatures in the garden route.
We monitor and patrol land on foot and by vehicle we de`snare land and set up ambushes for poachers if possible.
We monitor and prevent illegal activities from taking place on our clients land as well as arrest any schedule 1 offenders.

We are trying to get a system going in the garden route where all companies and private land owners take responsibility for their lands and actively participate in making sure illegal activities are put to a stop.
We will continue doing what we do but we need big companies to help out as-well, use us to help protect your plantations and large areas from illegal poaching and all illegal activities full-stop.

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Inspection time

Do you live next to corporate owned land here in the garden route?, does your home border with vast plantations that grow timber for industrial and commercial use?
Now if your answer is yes, are you aware of any suspicious activity around these parts. Or do you have reason to believe that poaching is taking place there?
If you do please do not hesitate to give us a call so we can come check it out for you

the things we do for the love of the bush

These are the collective efforts over November, December and January. We are doing our best and by the proof posted here one can tell we have spared a couple of animals from a cruel painfull fate at the hands of careless heartless poachers. This year we are going at it with much gusto and a renewed sense of urgency.
We are only a two man operation at present and hopefully this year we can afford to employ another two guys to train up and get into the field.

The fact is unfortunately that we are in need of reliable gear that we are unable to afford to get just yet.


back to work

Hey guys we are back in buisness was away for a while and had to deal with the passing of my dear mother ingrid. But as we all know life goes on and these poachers must be dealt with. So i was up in mafeking visiting MANYANE (mafeking) game reserve and was greeted most warmly by the staff and management a nice place facing its own poaching problems. About 2 weeks ago poachers came in and shot a beutifull bull rhino (white) and stole the horn what a terrible thing to happen. These poachers have no morals no respect and no ability to understand the importance of protecting endangered species.

sorry for the silence and no activity

Hey guys
im sorry for the abscence of this past week im afraid im in the north west province for my mother`s funeral. Will be back soonest and back at it, also have more pictures to post when i get back home. In the mean time keep a eye out in your own back yard for snares and report people whom you know are snaring

thanks for the support

Hi there friends word is spreading and people are taking interest in my campaighn im so glad to see like minded people trying to help where they can. Today i was contacted by the ceo of indalo conservancy in plett whom also is affiliated to eden to addo and they are talking about sponsoring me to an extent and also to come help them remove snares off their 500 hecters of land. Wow thats a big section of land to check and im looking forward to doing it too ,watch this space for all the pics and stuff il update my blog soon with new pics and info.

another snare run down

Well now, it would seem my efforts are busy paying dividence....whats that all about you may be asking??. well let me be first "and proud" to inform you that purely by doing weekly anti snaring runs at CARRS CAPE FARMS we have thusfar brought down the number of snares found to only one and thats something im proud of. Now im no fool and i know that it will never stop forever, but im discouraging these scumbags everytime i remove one of their snares and so il continue to do so as long as im alive.


a little thank you

Hey guys !!....things are looking up for our group!! a lot of people are showing interest in our campaighn. A very big thank you going out to the local info team especially natalie for all the effort and support she has invested in helping with raising awareness about illegal snaring. Without this site my life would be seven times more difficult but thanks to the local info team im getting more and more work and the more work i get the more animals we save.



now when i went to kiewietsvlei farms to go remove snares from their lands, i had no idea how much walking would be involved. NOT TO MENTION CRAWLING DOWN NARROW BUCKTRAILS but what a day i had the most beutifull surrounings and pleasantly peacefull fauna and flora at my feet. I ran into bush buck ,chacma baboons... and saw trails of many other animals including rooikat and duiker. now kiewietsvlei are farmers with a consience they are already dedicated to doing as little harm as possible to the enviroment in regards to their farming activities, But also do their bit to help the animals.


anti snaring

this is all too common a sight in our forests people dont understand how serious this really is .in the past two years ive walked our lovely bushland upside down because i love being in the bush ive removed so many snares its not even funny .most have dead buck or porcupine in it also found 2 dogs dead in snares before .poachers just dont care its like theyre not even human i dont understand whats wrong with people i would love nothing more than having a hour of quality time with a trapper who uses wire snares.



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