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07/08/2012 - 08:14

Good Afternoon,

we are busy compiling the very first Blitsgids for George and wanting to carry a message and create
awareness for subjects that matter.
We are looking for either advertisers or sponsor for the following:

TKAG page sponsorship. Sponsor will receive a section A18 certificate for a donation
TKAG = Treasure Karoo Action Group = ANTI - frackers. It is frightening how very
few people know what fracking sadly is about

Recycling : advertisers or supprting the recycling
Natural health : advertisers or supporting the natural health

Further we are looking for people giving the odd service: baby sitting, house sitting, cat/dog sitting etc.

Please contact for prices and further information.
The Blitsgids is an anual print and has tons of information. NO - it is NOT another business directory :)
Deadline for the George Blitsgids is 15th August.

Am awaiting your call 072 054 8024
or inbox me


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28/06/2012 - 18:34

Are you looking to create transformation for yourself or your clients?
EFT is about restoring your mind, body and spirit to a state of harmony & balance so you are not limited by negative emotions from the past.
It is a combination of 2 sciences: acupuncture (but without the needles) and mind body medicine.
Now introduce Matrix Reimprinting & the results are nothing short of spectacular.
Emotional healing means looking at our heart pictures, unconscious limiting beliefs and generalisations and judging them not on whether they are true or false but if they are resourceful or not.
If we change these pictures, the stress goes away and the immune system will heal disease or emotional trauma.
When you heal these wrong beliefs you will also heal the blocks to success, prosperity and relationships.
Workshop to learn these amazing tools:
When: Dates to be confirmed
Investment: One day EFT workshop R950.00
Special price of R1200 for both EFT & the Matrix Two day workshop
Course Presenter: Lana Ackermann

Lana has explored the field of energy psychology for over 10 years searching for healing modalities to heal negative belief patterns that result from past hurts, abuses etc.

She is an accredited EFT Trainer (AAMET), Couples Counsellor & Life Coach

Please contact for further details.
Thanking you

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14/04/2012 - 16:46

Hello, please read below. Lana Ackerman would come to the Garden Route and give her international accredited course, to become an EFT Practitioner or to be able to use for yourself and family.

I would like to know how many would be in general interested, so Lana and I can organize a soon upcoming course with an actual date.
Please send a personal message or
Thank you and abundant blessings


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Level 1 & 2 Practitioner Training Course

Frustrated with not being able to achieve lasting results with your clients?

EFT achieves remarkable lasting results and changes people’s lives.

EFT has proven to be an effective tool. Learn EFT in an emotionally secure and safe environment where you can grow your skills in becoming a practitioner.

Level 1 is for the lay person who would like to learn how to deal with negative emotions or an existing healer who is looking for a tool that is quick and effective.
Level 2 is for the professional to become a registered EFT practitioner

When (To be Announced)

Level 1 One day workshop
Level 2 Two day workshop


R1,300.00 Level 1
R2,500.00 Level 2
R3,500.00 If doing Level 1 & 2 together.

R3,200.00 Early bird discount if paid by (to be announced)

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20/03/2012 - 10:36

Besides ADD/ADHD – Bullying is the next big thing in schools and kindergarten. Have you ever wondered where it originates from? This most likely would required a closer look why and how and a pinch of honesty.
Whatever follows now, PLEASE there is no judgment involved and it is my personal view and opinion. If it resonates with you what you will read – great. If not, discard it.
As I look at bullying it seems to me a form of defense. Children do not think, they act out of impulse and intuition. They copy what they see and make it their own. So, when they feel they not coping and their needs are not met, they will have to voice it somehow to their surrounding, that they only surviving. Some kids get quiet and withdrawn, others hit and bully (as they have seen it). Plain good old attention seeking.
Now you may ask, can we do? Easy, find out where the child is lacking of nurturing. Meet the need and break the pattern. Yes, it is the parents’ responsibility, you quite right. Now there where the part of I AM NOT JUDGING comes in. Parents have their own stuff to deal with, and I am sure we agree, the world is a rough place right now. So many demands to meet and the rat race seem never ending.
Now, parents are only humans too and cope with life and deal with what they have learned.
It is becoming aware of oneself, how we work and re-act, before we can change it into acting. And through acting a change in pattern will occur. So, once the parent becomes just a tiny bit aware of oneself and this tiny bit changes, so will the child. As we all know children, to sponge off the energies from their parents.
When big people bully, it is often with so much violence and anger involved, that changes are not possible anymore. Or so it often seems. Domestic violence is wide spread and often kept under wrap and only spoken about it, behind closed doors – if at all.
Please do know, THAT I AM SOOOOO aware of that and as a newly single mother, it is rough on all fronts. Own healing (aka becoming aware), being a mom, play friend, boundary setter and so much more.
Perhaps, we as society, instead of looking at it as something bad and punish. Let’s view it from a different angle and find an opportunity to break the pattern. Domestic violence and violence in general can only be broken, by showing different ways already to our children. The following step is, to heal family homes and ultimately the communities.
Yes I agree, it seems like HUGE task. But we can do and make changes. Tiny steps can do wonders.
Bullying does not have to be, take some time and make a difference. A child bullying, might not be cured with a hug. But it can put a balm on a sore or two and give hope. Hope, that violence is not always a solution and the norm. Hope, that one can be different and hope that LOVE exists.
So that little bullying children will not grow into big bullies, which do much more than just bullying.
A hug and a kiss, can do wonders… so does a smile and a hand reached out to help
Love and abundant blessings
D x
PS and yes of course EFT can assist in the transition in your awareness and your childs awareness. Tapping is a wonderful tool. Please contact me and find out more.

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24/01/2012 - 16:09

Hi out there,
as I am looking around me and hearing a lot of people "struggling" financially, I had a thought:

For the rest of January and the whole of February I will offer EFT/Tapping in exchange for a donation.
Which means you will get a normal session of an hour and pay
a) how much you can OR
b) how much you think the session was worth for you.

My normal charge would be R250 an hour.
So for the rest of the month and whole of February it is up to you and how it resonates with you.
I still have to charge, because me too I have bills and have to make a living.
BUT !!!!! I too want to help and perhaps make some outlooks on life better.

So, give me a ring and lets get booking :)
NOW? You truly have nothing to lose, except your negative stuff which bothers you :)

Speak soon
Much love
072 0548024

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20/12/2011 - 11:54

I am looking for a partner in crime :)

My plan is to open in George the following

My practice and perhaps to share with an alternative practicioner
Spirit Library with selfhelp books ~ same as a normal library
Coffee shop with free internet and food raw/Kauai

Have found the perfect premisses on York Street
And am now looking for somebody to make this project happen with me.

Please send me an email if you might be interested

20/12/2011 - 11:28

Take a break and enjoy a SEATED Neck & Shoulder Massage.

Let me relax your upper Back/Neck and Shoulders whilst you sitting in a chair.
15 min can do wonders!

15 min = R 50

Now in December Tuesdays and Thursdays
Time : 09.30am - 1.30pm
Venue: Health & Living
St. Georges Square
Courtenay Street George

Please give me a ring or drop me a mail if you need more info 072 054 8024 //

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29/11/2011 - 06:28

First of all you might ask: what are core fears/believes.
This was a long time event, which has happened in your life and had a major impact on the emotional system. For instance ~ parents never had time for the child. Child had to fend for itself from small. So child was either VERY neat or VERY naughty to get parents approval and time and love. Which of course never happened.
Now here, a core belief is created: Not good enough being loved and time spent with and not being good in loving.
With this core belief, one grows up and will create subconsciously over and over again the scenario of past times. With time going by, different variations will be re-created to “indulge” into the suffering. The feeling one is used to and knows so well.
Some cannot keep a constant weight, others start drinking, house has to be in a perfect state and and and. One can go on and on about this.

You know the saying: Be the change you want to see in the world?

Well with stuck core believes and fears, one will not truly be able to make changes, as the mind is stuck in the long time ago event.

How you can change this?
It is not easy and not difficult either.
With some outside help, guiding you and exploring with you…why you do the things you do. You will find out very soon your core belief and/or fear. There is no judgment involved for any party (oneself, parents etc) it is as it is.
What now the most important part is, to find a quick solution to let this emotions go.
EFT/Tapping has been very helpful in this kind of treatment. It is gentle and very efficient.

As not only a mind needs to be changed or a diet be put into place. It is the cause, which needs to be found and released. EFT/Tapping will not take away the event, which has occurred, but it will help you release these negative emotions, which made you do things to recreate your suffering.

Once released, your mind and body is finally free to make NEW and healthy choices

Please contact for appointments: 072 054 8024
Sessions can too be held, in the privacy of your home.

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09/11/2011 - 15:32

EFT provides two remarkable benefits for weight loss that sets it apart from other methods:

Benefit #1 - EFT Can Reduce or Eliminate Your Immediate Cravings: Using EFT for 1 or 2 minutes can arrest your cravings in many cases. Thus, you may no longer need to "eat when you are not hungry." This feature surprises most newcomers. In research studies, EFT has been found to reduce cravings quickly and reliably.

Benefit #2 - EFT Can Reduce or Eliminate Emotional Overeating: If you have been using food to "tranquilize" years of past emotional hurts, you may find EFT to be your best friend. EFT can bring you more emotional peace which, in turn, can lead to more sensible eating habits. This emotional contributor to overeating, which EFT is designed to address, is the missing piece in most weight loss programs.

Eating and weight gain and the often physical pain coming with it, resulting often if not all the times from a past emotional trauma.
More than often those deep wounds within, make us create a comfort, which is food!
The body will hold on to all it gets, to protect the pain.
With EFT one can release the core issue of the weight gain and help release not only the weight, but most of all the trauma which has occurred long time back.
Kids for example too, use food to cope with their circumstances. We perhaps might think is all ok and they would not need to worry. But asking in a silent moment, we are surprised of some statements coming out of our children's mouth. What has hurt them.

So EFT is definitely a wonderful tool to help release excess weight in conjunction with a perhaps healthy eating and exercise plan.
What better than to let go of weight and excess negative emotions.

Please ring to make an appointment!

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02/11/2011 - 15:06

The History of EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) was developed by Gary Craig around the early 90’s, although continues to be refined by many people to this day.
It is one of the many forms of METs (Meridian Energy Techniques) now available, and perhaps one of the easiest to learn.
EFT originated from TFT (Thought Field Therapy) which was discovered by acupuncturist and psychologist Dr Roger Callahan.
While Callahan developed the basic concept and structure, Craig had the vision to refine it and make it accessible to everyone.
He also, along with many other therapists working in this field, began to realise the broader possibilities for EFT.
As a therapeutic technique there is little else to equal its simplicity and effectiveness.
Many experienced therapists now report typical success rates of 80-95% for many conditions.
The immediate history of EFT is short, its future looks to be much longer.

How does EFT work?

It uses the end points of the 12 major meridian channels and the 2 governing vessels found in Chinese medicine.
It has been observed that by tapping on these points while focusing on the problem, a release takes place clearing the physical or emotional pain being worked on.
This has lead to the principal that…
The cause of all negative emotions is a
disruption in the body’s energy system.
It seems that while experiencing or focusing on a specific problem, and tapping on the meridians that carry the energy, disruptions are cleared and normal function can resume.

The Apex Effect

When using EFT, normal function is restored and a cognitive shift takes place that can leave the person wondering what the problem ever was.
They then find it hard to believe, and in some cases just don’t even remember, that they even had the problem.
This is known as the Apex Effect.
This problem is further heightened by the general disbelief that EFT could ever work.
For that reason it is important to write down whatever you are treating and its intensity level before starting.

EFT/Tapping will help you to release all negative emotions stored therefore in your body and allows to function again. Without perhaps already side effects like physical pain, weight gain, ADD/ADHD, etc.