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Online Fitness Platform for Women Everywhere!!!

Levelled with Liza Online Fitness Trainer Garden Route

'Levelled with Liza' is an online fitness platform for women everywhere - There are live Zoom classes every afternoon from Monday to Friday at 4:30pm, followed by a recording for those who couldn't ma


Kwik Kerb Garden Route - Concrete Edging & Landscaping Service

Continuous Concrete Edging for garden beds, walk ways, driveways, swimming pool and landscape contour design and much more...

Kwik Kerb is the world leader in continuous concrete edging
Kwik Kerb is the benchmark in landscape edging worldwide and is the premier supplier of concrete kerbing, concrete edging, border edging, garden edging, garden kerbing, garden borders, driveway edging, driveway kerbing and mower strips and lawn edging and lawn borders in the world today. Kwik Kerb has been a world wide success story for over 22 years. By continuously innovating and improving their products to suit local environments. Kwik Kerb has stayed at the forefront of the kerbing industry. Kwik Kerb have introduced many new products to the kerbing industry including Kwik Kerb's famous Trademark Eurostyle and Rustic Wood finishes and more recently the value adding Eurobrick finish.

Functional – Value adding product
Kwik Kerb domestic and commercial edging is the ideal way to create functional and attractive borders around garden beds, along driveways and around commercial premises such as car park edging. Once you have Kwik Kerb edging in your garden you will wonder why you didn't have it installed sooner. Kwik Kerb is functional and adds value and prestige to the property.

Unlike many other edging kerbing methods, the Kwik Kerb edging installation process allows most kerbing jobs to be completely finished in a single day - from ground preparation and laying the concrete edge, to applying colour and pattern to the edging. This means that your property is not a mess for days on end and you can enjoy your newly Kwik Kerbed landscape sooner.

The Kwik Kerb trademark and the Kwik Kerb Business Owner's distinctive red trailer are very well known and respected and have been synonymous with quality concrete edging. Kwik Kerb Business Owners use patented Edgemaster concrete kerbing machinery which is regarded by many as the best quality border machinery in the world. The Edgemaster quickly lays high quality edging and kerbing suitable for domestic and commercial applications. Wide ranges of concrete border finishes are available such as slate impression (Eurostyle) and stamped kerbing and authentic brick and mortar appearance kerbing (Eurobrick) as well as the renowned Sleeper/Rustic Wood finish which is very popular with homeowners throughout the British Isles.

Kwik Kerb Guarantees Satisfaction
Kwik Kerb has many Kwik Kerb Business Owners around the world, however we are always looking for new selective additions to the Kwik Kerb Family in certain areas, to be trained to care for Kwik Kerb customer needs. Home and Business owners are continuously looking to improve their properties and Kwik Kerb Operators provide a guaranteed service to satisfy their customer’s kerbing and border edging requirements, twelve months of the year. Kwik Kerb continues to increase in popularity and the staff at Kwik Kerb Head Office in Boksburg, Gauteng are always happy to discuss both domestic and commercial customer’s kerbing requirements.

Many people refer to Kwik Kerb Businesses as Kwik Kerb Franchises or a Border Franchise. Kwik Kerb is also sometimes incorrectly written as Quik Kerb, Quick Kerb, Kwick Kerb, Kwik Curb, or Kiwi Kerb. Remember if it doesn't say Kwik Kerb, it isn't Kwik Kerb!


Quality German Food, Sweet Treats and more - German Lane Sedgefield!

German Lane Sedgefield

Hi all you good people, since there are still local people which are not aware of me and my products, I would like to reiterate that I'm stocking what ever you see on the pictures and much more, and y


BEST PRICES on our Greenhouse Eco-Tunnels!

Eco Tunnels - Specials on Tunnels and Accessories !!
Special Date: 
Thu, 15/10/2020 (All day) - Sat, 31/10/2020 (All day)

We now offer irrigation with our tunnels - Have a look at our different options and get started on your amazing garden!

3m Tunnel - 3.5m wide x 2.2m high
R12 950 With Plastic


Levelled with Liza - Online Fitness Training

Levelled with Liza is an online fitness platform for women everywhere. There are live Zoom classes every afternoon from Monday to Friday at 4:30pm, followed by a recording for those who couldn't make it at that time. All the ladies who sign up and pay get added to a WhatsApp group which is our space for support and getting to know each other.

I chose the name Levelled for various reasons, one was that each person is challenged to work at their own level. You are in competition with no one but yourself. Of course, you are at home, so many of the ladies have their partners join in too - that is no problem.

The sessions run from the beginning to end of the month, irrespective of days (it has been easier for payments than doing 4 week groups).

I am always available via WhatsApp or email for any assistance needed.

Levelled with Liza Online Fitness Trainer Garden Route

October Promos at Engen 1-Stop Sedgefield / Hartenbos

Special Date: 
Thu, 01/10/2020 (All day) - Sat, 31/10/2020 (All day)

Come fill up at Engen 1-Stop in Sedgefield or Hartenbos and get your refreshments and snacks at these great prices valid till 31 October 2020.

With US you are number ONE!


Printer cartridges - New, Refills, Generics!

Dolphin Stationers Stationery shop Sedgefield

Get your cartridges refilled at Dolphin stationers in Sedgefield or choose from our great variety of new Original / Generic printer cartridges.


We'll help you find the life cover you need - LOMBKOR


With life cover, you can ensure that your loved ones receive the financial support they deserve when you are no longer with them, whilst dread disease and disability cover protects you should anything


Bird walks and bird photography with BIRDWATCHER.


Reed Cormorant, Rietkormorant of Rietduiker, (Microcarbo africanus) - Perfectly at peace as the backlight of the afternoon golden hour soaks its primary feathers.


Weekend Specials at German Lane

German Lane Sedgefield
Special Date: 
Fri, 09/10/2020 (All day) - Sat, 10/10/2020 (All day)

L 1 Argentinian Prawns 2kg at only R 385. 00, Hungarian Goulash 1kg at R 120.00, Pea Soup 1l at R 65.00, Hungarian Goulash Soup only R 75.00 & fresh Eisbein at only R 42.99 kg.


Delicious Arabica Coffee available at Soozi’s!


There’s nothing like a good cup of joe - Come try this new range of delicious Arabica Ground Coffee, different flavours to choose from!


Is your website VISIBLE? SEO general introduction.

Woodlands Business Systems cc ADSSA Website design

Search Engine Optimization is one of the upmost significant elements for your online marketing and brand



Forest Lodge Sports Bar Sedgefield

Come have some fun at Forest Lodge - BIG BAR SPECIALS & AWESOME ENTERTAINMENT - Play a game of pool, darts, cards, chess or dominoes.


Today is Wacky Wednesday at STEERS!

Special Date: 
Wed, 07/10/2020 (All day)

A Classic Beef Burger is nice - Getting a second Classic Beef Burger for FREE @ only R49.90 is #2Nice!

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