A word of caution from SCIC

Recently a resident in Milkwood St ( Sedgehill / Extension 4 area) was sitting in her lounge at around 7.00pm when suddenly all the lights went out.She immediately contacted Knysna Municipality who assured her that there was no electricity outage in her area.

A short while later stones rained down on her roof and she became even more concerned, As the resident did not have armed response, she called the SAPS who arrived to find her electricity cables at the side of the house had been cut.
This is a typical 'modus operandi' for criminals. The aim is to attract the attention of the residents in the hope that they will open the door and step outside to investigate. This will give criminals the opportunity to then enter the house easily.
In this case, the resident took the correct action by contacting the police, and no doubt prevented a potentially serious situation.

* Never go out to investigate - it is what the criminal wants you to do, Call for help immediately.

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