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Range of beautiful tagines, also known as Moroccan Hot Pots.

Hot Art Cermaic Fireplaces

These beauties from Hot Art are quick-cooking wonders, chicken off the bone in 45minutes, with 6 coals, or you can put it directly on a fire or hot plate.


Ceramic Fireplace - 13KW more heat than Metal Combustion Fireplaces

Hot Art Fireplaces

Be Winter ready and purchase your very own Cermamic Fireplace from Hot Art - In 1995 Hot Art registered as the designers and manufacturers of freestanding ceramic fireplaces - They are not only beauti


Ceramic Fireplaces - Hand-made works of art!

Hot Art Cermaic Fireplaces Sedgefield

Ceramic Fireplaces are perfect for those cold winter nights so plan ahead and order yours to be custom made, Hot Art has developed a unique free-standing ceramic fireplace that combines the heat outpu


Pottery Exhibition

Hi All

We are planning to host a ceramic exhibition on Sunday, the 18th of
December on our Elandskraal small holdings, 13 km outside Sedgefield.

I would like to invite all potters in the Garden Route area to come
and sell your wares at this venue. It is not bound to any club or
association, so anybody is welcome. The ceramics will be showcased
indoors, so we do not have to be too concerned about the weather.
I have 3 pigeon -box style shelves - about 30 spaces in total, along
with other tables and furniture available for display. The fee is 10%
on all sales.

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