Is your website VISIBLE? SEO general introduction.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the upmost significant elements for your online marketing and brand
building efforts. If you maintain and nurture your website SEO your brand will benefit from the circulation that
approaches your website and this can lead to an increase in sales.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most critical parts of your online marketing, if the search engines
discover that your website is difficult to navigate and unstructured your website will rank low on Google
searches and people will not be able to find you online. This is problematic for your brands online presence.
The world have transformed and so should your SEO strategies.

Algorithms improve quite frequently to ensure that superior content is found in keyword searches. There are
masses of junk content on the internet and spam sites, this is ultimately Google’s way of dealing with this
problems. Google is very strict on upholding a good consumer experience and a superb standard content is
crucial – Google sells add space as we all are familiar with and it is intended for their users.

SEO used to be a simple method of producing keyword rich pages, making sure Google bots can crawl your
website and obtain as much as possible backlinks towards and from your website that would end in superb
ranking. Nowadays however the game have changed, it is mostly about being accessible on all devices and
with fast and slow internet connections and the value of content you host on your pages.

How can we be acquainted with whatever Google requires? You can acquire the information from Google
themselves when you search for Google SEO guidelines.

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness, in other words pages of extraordinary value ought
to offer sufficient expertise to have authority and trust in their focus area. The more your website is talked
about positively online, the better your Google position will be. In other words your brand need to get
recognized as the professional in the niche.

Your brand need to maintain a positive reputation, if your brand have a positive reputation, it is almost
certainly a more reliable brand and it will get placed higher in rank than an equivalent brand with a negative
reputation. This means that if you are well-known as the expert in your niche, you will automatically be graded
higher and insignificant things that are not entirely up to standard will be disregarded.

Author rank is also an essential part to increase engagement online, it is about the quantity of shared content
and the number of organic followers that your posts attract? The grading superior content on your page as
well as the number of websites that reference your content.

Let us explain what exactly modern SEO is in a nutshell. SEO is and always will be about constructing and
providing consumers with unique and valued content. It is vital to have an optimized website, but you need
content to optimize. To distribute bad content is will corrupt your credibility online. To gain good quality leads
and develop a strong online presence you it is essential to have a well-designed website that act in accordance
with best Web design practice, you need a lot of unique, stimulating and respectable quality content. If you
have a splendid website combined with superior standard of content you can start sharing and optimizing it,
that will result in a growing online position of authority.

Your website can be divided into the following vital fragments:

* Technical Aspects
* SEO on page
* SEO off page
* Your website content for SEO
* Promoting your website for SEO
* Sharing your content for SEO

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