Privacy of webpages can influence your visibility

You can improve the privacy of your website by effectively using the robots.txt file in the root directory of your website. This file control whether or not search bots can crawl specific areas of your website. Some areas of your website may contain private and sensitive information that should not appear in Google search results. Access to those areas can be restricted using the robots.txt file. Google webmaster tools provide a free robots.txt generator that can assist in creating these files.

There are numerous methods to prevent bots from accessing sensitive content hosted on your website domain and presenting it in search results. One of the most basic methods in use today is to add “NOINDEX” to your robots meta tag, however some search engines may still index the blocked content as they do not acknowledge the commands specified in the robots.txt file. The most secure method to protect content and pages is to make use of the .htaccess file. This file enables programmers to make certain documents or content password protected.

Use the attribute value rel=“nofollow” with great caution. This value communicates to the search bots not to follow certain links on you site and may have a negative influence on the reputation of pages that you link to. Nonetheless, if you do want reference a specific site and would not like to pass your reputation on it, it is appropriate to make use of nofollow. In most modern blogging software this value is automatically added where the public is welcome to comment. Because comments can be regarded as spam in these areas this will ensure that your site is not associated with spam sites and uphold your site reputation. Spam in these areas can be decreased by using CAPTCHAs or by manually approving comments to your site. | 082 555 8122

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Privacy of webpages can influence your visibility

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