2011 is well on its way. January has passed. Looking back over the past two years we realise, despite the world economy recession, we have achieved much.
Sadly, due to lack of funds, we were unable to give the children their annual Christmas dinner. However, thanks to the generosity of donations in cash and kind from our supporters, we handed out 200plus teddy bears at the local clinic. That is smiles from 200plus little ones! Our very special thanks go to our senior citizens who lovingly gave their time in knitting teddy bears for us, also to our trainees for making teddy bears.
We are very proud of our trainees, not only are they keeping us supplied with teddy bears but they are now earning money for themselves. Remember all our trainees are unskilled/unemployed persons. Many of them have gone on to running their own little business from home.
During this difficult financial period many people lost their homes and their employment. We have managed to find places for them to stay and have helped put food on their table. With encouragement and hard work many of them are back on their feet again.
We are putting much effort in encouraging people in doing acts of kindness. No matter how little you have there is always enough to reach out a helping hand to someone less fortunate. The poet Wordsworth’s words carry a strong message :-
"The best portion of a good man's life is his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love." -- William Wordsworth

These past two years have been very difficult for many. Not only have business’ had to close doors but many charities fell by the wayside as well. We are extremely grateful for having achieved what we have. During this period we have given out 2000plus teddy bears to the children, we have managed to keep our charity shop open, continued with our training program, all the while encouraging others to practice acts of kindness. None of this would have been possible without the sheer determination of our founder, Maureen, and all those willing hearts and hands offering hope, encouragement and help where needed.
Stay Positive and may 2011 bring peace and joy to all.

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