a little thank you

Hey guys !!....things are looking up for our group!! a lot of people are showing interest in our campaighn. A very big thank you going out to the local info team especially natalie for all the effort and support she has invested in helping with raising awareness about illegal snaring. Without this site my life would be seven times more difficult but thanks to the local info team im getting more and more work and the more work i get the more animals we save. also i would like to thank SIMON CARR from CARRS CAPE FARMS for allowing me to use his land as a training facility for our upcoming volunteer weekends. I will be training volunteers from all over the garden route all about searching for and removing illegal snares safely, and also some usefull bush skills and safety points as well as what to look for and how to deal with trapped animals. We are all looking forward to these training sessions watch this space for all the relevant details venues and dates

till we meet again

keep it real
kind regards craig and bridgit