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Any company's biggest resource is their people.They should be invested in, continuously grown and empowered. Motivation is a critical issue; it is at the heart of your own well-being and Business’s success. The workplace motivation that one should be concerned about is the high level of performance that brings results in meeting and exceeding organizational objectives. Training is at the heart of achieving high performance.

*Human Resources Consulting
*Management and Leadership Programmes
*Coaching and Mentorship programmes
*Succession Planning
*Performance Management Cycles
*Skills Gap Analysis
*Set up Policies & Procedures
*Position Analysis Questionnaires and job profiling
*Coaching 4 better work performance is a dynamic programme developed for the individual and/or team to meet set goals within the organization.
*Employment Equity
*Skills Development Consulting and claims
*Development and facilitation of skills programmes to meet Company specific outcomes

Our approach to Recruitment is to:
Establish job profile outcomes
Assist Clients to attract candidates
Assist with the interview process
Support the Candidate on day 1 with Induction
Our focus is NOT to act as Recruitment Agency but an inclusive HR Partner in your Business

Our Coaching / Mentoring services are focused on individual or group performance enhancement. Specific skill sets can be achieved with the focused methodology used to work with specific outcomes to be met and/or changed.

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