There has been amendments to the Employment Equity legislation which will affect Business. We would suggest a revision of your processes to ensure continued compliance.

The Department has also deployed a number of Inspectors in various geographical areas to do inspections and ascertain non-compliances as far as the implementation and actual roll out of meeting equity representation on all levels. Numerical goals and targets and a subsequent plan to meet these are a priority.

Government Gazette 41923 (12/9/2018 – draft)

- Enforcement of “work of equal value”
- Use of “forms and annexures” to elaborate on all actions / intentions / outcomes
- 7A Determination of numerical targets for national economic sectors in terms of section 15A (1) For the purpose of determining a numerical target in terms of section 7A,
- (2) For the purpose of determining numerical target in terms of section 7A, employers must refer to economic sectors and sub-sectors contained in the EEA17 for guidance.
- Use of EEA1 to conduct analysis – all employees to complete a EEA1 declaration
- Analysis must include questionnaires and use of EEA12, EEA8 and EEA9
- Equity Plan with minimum input as in EEA13

Government Gazette 41922 (12/9/2018 – draft)

- Amendment of section 20 of Act 55 of 1998
Section 20 is amended by the insertion of the following after subsection (2) –
“(2A) The numerical goals set by an employer in terms of subsection (2) must comply with any sectoral target in terms of section 15A that applies it. “
- Amendment of section 27 of Act 55 of 1998 – adherence to National minimum wage
Substitution of subsection (1) in section 42 of Act 55 of 1998
(aA) whether or not the employer has achieved any sectoral target set in terms of section 15A applicable to that employer;

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