Ceramic Fireplace - 13KW more heat than Metal Combustion Fireplaces

Be Winter ready and purchase your very own Cermamic Fireplace from Hot Art - In 1995 Hot Art registered as the designers and manufacturers of freestanding ceramic fireplaces - They are not only beautiful works of art, but are the most efficient fireplaces you can find (on the market, anywhere in the world), because the 12mm ceramic walls of the pot absorb heat rather than conducting it away rapidly, as does any metal fireplace, it can radiate up to 30kw of heat (tested by Popular Mechanics) as opposed to 17kw maximum from a metal combustion fireplace. With this phenomenal potential, the fireplace becomes self cleaning, there is minimal ash residue, and the excellent draw of the pot means there is no after-fire smell or odours. Essentially wood burning, this stove radiates heat long after the fire has gone out.

For more information contact : (044) 343 1123 / admin@hotart.co.za

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Hot Art Cermaic Fireplaces

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